Democrats Were Wrong About The Tax Cuts, This Numbers Makes Them Stupid

The mainstream media have saved DNC from embarrassment by refusing to cover their struggling attempts to explain away the positive economic effects the Republican tax bill delivered for the working class. House DNC Leader Nancy Pelosi and other Democrats, predicted the tax bill would be a disaster for the working class. ARMAGEDON is how Nancy Pelosi described it, only to see more than three million American workers receive bonuses and pay raises as a result of the GOP tax cuts. However, more than 90% of workers are expected to see an increase in take home pay this year.PATHETIC and SCRUMB said Nancy Pelosi about the tax cuts, while in same time she is one of the wealthiest members of US senate. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-FL) former vice-president of the DNC, similarly struggled to explain the bonuses when confronted about them at a town hall. Wassermann first claimed that she hadn’t heard of any bonuses over $1,000 even though tens of thousands of workers have received bigger bonuses than that.

Apple and some other big companies, gave employees $2,500 bonuses. After establishing that misleading premise, Wassermann Schultz then claimed that $1,000 is NOT ENOUGH. RNC have pointed to Pelosi and Wasserman Schultz’s comments as proof that the Democrats are out of touch with working class voters. RNC senators even released an ad mocking Pelosi for the CRUMBS comment. But the mainstream media have ignored the entire Democratic failure.

The New York Times, the Washington Post and CNN have combined for zero articles about Pelosi’s CRUMB comments, even as she has doubled and tripled down on them. If Speaker of the US Senate, Paul Ryan had dismissed working class benefits from a Democratic bill as CRUMBS. Washington Free Beacon editor David Rutz noted that CNN and MSNBC’s live coverage have similarly hidden Pelosi’s comments from public view. But it’s worthless: at the same time that they were ignoring Pelosi’s CRUMBS comment, some prominent members of the mainstream media were instead advancing conspiracy theories about President Trump’s mental health.


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