If Shooting Happens In a “Gun Free Zone” The Creators Of That Zone Are Equally Responsible As The Shooter

Gun owners in Tennessee won a victory through a bill that went into effect Friday.

Tennessee’s Senate Bill 1736 states that if any handgun permit holder is wounded, killed, or incurs financial loss, expense, property or any other kind of compensable loss on a site posted to restrict firearms, the person can sue the individual or entity that created the gun free zone, Bearing Arms reports.

The law, which makes the person or entity responsible for the gun restriction sign also responsible for the security of any handgun carry permit holder while the permit holder is on the posted premises. This will include the time the permit holder travels to and from the premises as well as the place where the permit holder’s firearm is stored.

There is a statute of limitations of two years following the incident for the lawsuit to happen as well as other requirements such as the property owner not being required by law to post the “gun free zone” sign, the firearm owner must be legally authorized to carry, and the gun owner was banned from carrying as a result of the posted sign.

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