Nazi Accessories: Track On The Left Arm In Public, For All Gun Owners

Students from Parkland creates armbands to advocate for gun control. The gungrabbing kidds from Parkland, have been making this creazy idea. They’re on a quest to rid every “Murican citizen of their pesky killing boomsticks”. One particular anti-gun activist had an idea for a hip, new accessory to help spread the gospel of a world wothout guns. Yeah, these kids skipped history class.

After the backlash, students deleted their tweet’s and issued an apology, but here are some proves anyway twitter. 

We have to cut the kids a little slack on account of their ignorance. They lack experience and perspective to understand the complexities of issues and their actions. This is also why it’s silly to let them dictate American gun policy.


Also while we’re on the subject, armbands, ribbons, and other grandstanding gestures, don’t do anything for a cause. I have yet to find a single person, who changed their opinion on a subject thanks to a clever Twitter hashtag. Facts and stats, on the other hand, are effective like Michael Moore taste-testing for Little Debbie. Unfortunately for anti-gunners, facts to back up their views are very scarce. Which leads to the dependence on superficial gestures, which might accidentally harken back to Nazis. Younglings are impulsive. The dive right into an initiative without ever stopping to think if it’s a good idea or not. Hence, poor fashion choices that unintentionally make the kids look like foot soldiers for the Fourth Reich. Some advice to the kids from an older man. Switch off the MSNBC, and pick up a history book for a change.


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