Trump “Problems” Or Lefty Hallucinations

There’s a big flood of hallucinations in the media for days. The contents that once were reserved for tabloids and women’s magazines today are published as a political analysis. Liberal commentators, who never missed the opportunity to warn us that comments about personal sexual habits are bad idea, today are obsessed with Trump’s bedroom.  Without any verification of the allegations, they found crucial questions like: who sleeps near windows and who near the wall, who snores in the dream, who crushes their teeth, etc. The Liberal exorcism has entered the progressive phase since three years of unsuccessful attacks, lies and propaganda, a book by a controversial journalist who had been able to talk to maidens, cooks and gardeners in the White House for a couple of months, and from those goblets cooked a heavy drink for indomitable anti-trumpers.

Although the author admits that he never talked to anyone in Trump’s circle, although most of his allegations are soon denied, the appeal of this book to the liberal public is contained in the fact, that it feeds their hallucinations against Trump. As one title suggests in LA Times the thing sounds too good to be checked. The irresistible strength of the desire to see Trump on his knees, have no mercy towards steady prejudice as it is, and important to check the truth of the allegation before they see the light of the day. This nihilistic relationship between outcast media and truth may have been best expressed by a New York Times associate, Nicholas Confessore, when he called his colleagues who showed interest in verifying the allegations from the book:Who cares if Wolf’s book is factually correct, you slave journalists who never checked Trump for his lies?

The frustrated liberal crowd that felt (as they claimed) psychological irritations” because of Trump’s victory, are now questioning Trump’s psychological stability. Those who called Trump a liar” now openly declared war against the facts. Those who were crazy about Trump, now call Trump crazy. The whole game with the Wolf book was played in the media sanatorium on the eve of a regular annual medical check of the president. As a last hope, they are still activating the 25th Amendment. Trump responded to these attacks just like General Patton in his time there is no successful defense, but only an attack, attack, and just attack.

He first attacked his former counselor, who turned out to have had a certain role in enabling access to the book author in the White House.  Overthrowing his credibility he introduced him as another ex-employee who does not like his boss. Perhaps all the left-wing despair and the loss of feelings of reality best illustrates that their main witness to Trump’s alleged madness has become a man who until yesterday represented himself as a devil’s attorney. When the leftist’s allow some passion to make them blind to reality, in the end, reality always found them in a humiliating position where they bite their own tail. Believing in the incredible unfitness of Trump, and inviting the aid of someone they have claimed to have a bad influence on Trump, shows that Trump outsmarted the left again, while the left shows an endless stupidity. Instead of defending the book’s delusions, Trump sent a message via Twitter to Twitter saying he is a stable genius. Since the boundary between genius and madness can sometimes be quite thin, it becomes clearer why it has, with genius, pushed it into stable. Naturally, the media were embarrassed again, so they started to prove” that Trump is not a genius.

However, when you say Trump is not genius” the Trump and Genius remains, while the negation is not heard. Only the genius would call themselves a stable genius” knowing that the media would spend the weekend proving the opposite. It’s a trick that Trump uses against the media so many times, and they get stunned every time, again and again. After all, the American Psychiatric Association, these days issued a press release calling on it to stop psychiatric abuses for political purposes. The leftist’s needs some help from them, but also their hallucinating comrades from the media.

B. Ristic


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