Trump’s “AMERICA FIRST” Won In Davos

An old wisdom says: Success has a thousand fathers, while defeat is an orphan. But…this will not be the case in Trump’s presidency. The new voice from Washington publicly announced the battle that the president fight’s from his first day in office, with a lot of successes and clear determination towards complete victory. “AMERICA IS OPEN FOR BUSINESS, AND WE ARE COMPETITIVE ONCE AGAIN.” This was a first point of Trump’s speech. Normally, a year ago, visit like this would have been a bad idea. Right after the election, elitist heads of state, the EU bureaucrats, and the international CEOs were united against Donald Trump. But this year, Trump’s Davos plan was a brilliant strike back. A year later, there are fact based argument that he mentioned very clearly:THE WORLD IS WITNESSING THE RESURGENCE OF A STRONG AND PROSPEROUS AMERICA. THERE HAS NEVER BEEN BETTER TIME TO HIRE, TO BUILD, TO INVEST, AND TO GROW IN AMERICA.

And that’s truth. Trump’s ideas in just one year, have begun to restructure the American economy. We’ve moved from social stagnation (i.e., high taxes, massive regulation, huge government spending, and a disdain for business and investors) to a new private incentive system that rewards success. By cutting the individual and corporate tax rates, providing 100% immediate expending for plants and technology, and making it easy for big companies who fled our high tax system, to bring the growth back again, he has ended the war against business and investors. And it has happened faster than anyone could expected. More than 250 American companies have announced a huge investment projects, paid sizable bonuses to their work forces, there are new 405.000 jobs, and many other benefits. And now, the stock market roars again, generating $7 trillion in new wealth, provides the only realistic chance of bailing out excessive government union pensions and benefits, even though these very unions totally opposed Trump’s corporate tax reform.

Anklebiting Democrats say: RISING BUSINESS PROFITS WILL GO TO SHAREHOLDER BUYBACKSAs if that were a bad thing. Meanwhile, new money is circulating throughout the economy, so there are also new companies and re oxygenate the system. Apple just announce 350 billion USD in new investment projects. Democrats say the incredible business response to tax reform is nothing more than one time crumbs for workers. But didn’t Walmart, which has bitterly fought attempts to raise the federal minimum wage, just raise its internal minimum wage for virtually all its wage earners, give bonuses of up to $1,000, expand maternity and parental leave, and commit $5,000 to every employee who adopts a child? That’s permanent, as are increased retirement fund contributions. The post tax-and-regulatory reform policies of the Trump administration have barely been put in place, yet they’re already benefiting working folks around America. These are people who have barely had a raise in 20 years. Trump’s critics belittled the idea that corporate tax cuts could actually increase wages. But in faster than a New York minute, several million wage earners have already benefited.
Then there are the know it all” critics who say there’s no academic evidence to support the view that business taxes matter for the workforce. Yet peer reviewed papers, from respected economists Alan Auerbach, Laurence Kotlikoff, and the
Romer family, conclude that higher after-tax returns to capital generate investment. With more capital per each worker there’s greater productivity. While the new investment projects raise the demand for workers and their wages. And don’t forget the Trump’s argument about the importance of regulatory reduction:REGULATION IS STEALTH TAXATION. WE ARE FREEING OUR EMPLOYERS AND WORKERS SO THEY CAN THRIVE AND FLORISH AS NEVER BEFORE.

The Trump tax bill ended the Obamacare individual mandate, and opened the door to energy drilling in ANWR. And then, in Davos, the president offered a fantastic point on the so called debate over globalism and trade:AS A PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES, I WILL ALWAYS PUT AMERICA FIRST, JUST LIKE THE LEADERS OF OTHER COUNTRIES SHOULD PUT THEIR COUNTRIES FIRST ALSO. BUT AMERICA FIRST DOES NOT MEAN AMERICA ALONE.

In a very interesting interview for CNBC, Trump said he’s willing to deal on trade, including NAFTA, and perhaps the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). But he strongly insisted on reciprocity. Barriers should be torn down by all sides. Arbitrations must protect America, not penalize it. I’M A FREE TRADER, BUT IN POLITICS, THERE MUST BE RECIPROCITY.” He also told CNBC journalist Kernan, that the U.S. dollar will strengthen based on America’s resurgence, and that it will remain the world’s main reserve currency. Yes, America First Agenda came to Davos, and it was presented to all the multi-lateral globalists and multi-nationalist elites. And these CEOs, bureaucrats, and academics. All of them listened carefully to Trump’s words. And believe me, their opinions on Trump are changed…forever.

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