WATCH: The Old Communist Scum, Spreads Racial Hate…Again!

Sen. Bernie Sanders entered Duke University Chapel on Thursday night to hundreds of people. Sitting down with NAACP national board member the Rev. William Barber II, Sanders’s conversation brought up a familiar discusions of his 2016 campaign i.e “the moral economy.” “There is no excuse for 40 million Americans living in poverty,” yalled Sanders few days ago. “The way we bring about change is having the courage to talk about a reality that you may not see on a TV and you surely will not hear discussed in the United State Congress.”

Seen’s his 2016 campaign rallies, even though the Vermont senator’s core message has not changed. Instead of speaking to a crowd of mostly white and mostly secular settings, Sanders not only shared his message with a predominantly black audience, he sang along in a nod to the long history of the black church and politics. His point was actually that white majority is guilty for all the social problems in US, especially among the blacks.  While Sanders is making a noticeable effort to shore up support among black voters, by accusing the whites.

“I do see he’s making the effort now; how many inroads he’s making? I’m not sure,” said John Verdejo, a Democrat committee member from Raleigh, North Carolina and 2016 delegate for Sanders.

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One thought on “WATCH: The Old Communist Scum, Spreads Racial Hate…Again!

  • April 25, 2018 at 2:42 am

    Hey Bernie, Is there an excuse for letting Muslim Brother Hood taking over our country?


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